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Arham Purushakar Prakaram Meditation

The term Jainism refers to an ancient religious and philosophical system that remains important in India and throughout the modern world. Janis has been known for their adherence to vegetarianism and nonviolence and even Mahatma Gandhi utilized many Jain practices such as Ahimsa.

The teaching of Jain`s highlighting three jewels: samyak (gratitude) Darshana means right insight into the reality of life, samyak Gyana indicates right knowledge, developed through comprehensive apprehension of reality, and samyak Charitra: signifies right conduct for the individual to remove the layers of karma from the soul. If we are in gratitude, then only we can see the reality of life, can develop the right knowledge, and can perform right karma.

Karma is the basic principle in Jainism According to Jains, all souls are basically pure in their inherent and ideal state, possessing the qualities of infinite knowledge, infinite perception, infinite bliss, and infinite energy but in present-day, these qualities are found to be ruined and blocked on account of the association of these souls with karma. The soul has been associated with karma in this way throughout an eternity of beginningless time. This bondage of the soul is explained in the Jain texts by analogy with gold ore, which—in its natural state—is always found unrefined of admixture with impurities. Similarly, the ideally pure state of the soul has always been overlaid with the impurities of karma. This analogy with gold ore is also taken one step further: the purification of the soul can be achieved if the proper methods of refining are applied. Over the centuries, Jain monks have developed various literature describing the nature of the soul, various aspects of the working of karma, and the ways and means of attaining mokṣha. The soul, it alone is responsible for all it does. Jainism, more than any other creed, gives absolute religious independence and freedom to man. Nothing can intervene between the actions which we do and the fruits thereof. Once done, they become our masters and must fructify. According to Jainism, there is two type of karmas –the minute ones and the grave ones. The first ones can be undone by performing good deeds, through prayers and apology. But there is no escape from the grave ones; one has to pay the price to redeem oneself. It is only the meditation, which can melt away the karma of previous lives.

A Jain monk Upadhyay Praveen Rishiji MS introduced the Purushakar Parakram Dhyan Sadhana means to ‘ignite the soul residing within the body’.

Mahavir’s teaching says that we are responsible for all in our life.. All our problems lie within, we look outside for solutions. We may decide that not to do or accept any negativity. But until our subconscious is in agreement, we cannot put it into practice. “YOU GET PEACE OF MIND NOT BY THINKING ABOUT IT OR IMAGINING AND RELAXING IT, BUT BY QUIETENING THE RESTLESS MIND” -PRABHU MAHAVIR People have been trying to get into stillness and calmness in order to explore their inner selves for thousands of years. Upadhyay Praveen Rishiji MS introduced Purushakar meditation technique that can take you on the long journey of self-awareness, whether you are a beginner or practitioner. This meditation will take your experience and mindfulness, to the whole new level of emotional well being, physical health, and your spiritual self.

An old saying “silence is golden” stand true to this ancient form of technique, which has been practiced for the last ten centuries has been revived and produced in a simple way for the benefit of all soul. it is too hard to find silence and peace in this modern world. Purushakar meditation is an ultimate tool to quiet your mind and activate mind to create, to achieve, to succeed and to enjoy peaceful and healthy life it helps you to take your mind from chaos to calmness. Just like we take a shower to clean our body, we need to meditate to clean our mind. and this change can enhance your capacity for well being, happiness, love and creativity and others around you. This is a healing technique and approachable for all, it welcomes all without regarding of religious background, caste, color, faith etc. this is the true beginning, on the true path of moksha. If we stay on the right path, then we will be advanced to a higher state of consciousness and ultimately proceed to Siddha after nirvana and it is the goal of all soul to achieve true happiness and total freedom from the karma of our soul.

The unique characteristic of this sadhana is that there is no visualization, no affirmation, and no suggestion. This meditation based on colour therapy, mantra therapy, and form therapy. It opens our inner vision, brings internal transformation and self-purification and leading to self-realization.